Core Products

A more complete credit union management solution with you in mind. Our core system includes all of the tools your employees need to handle the day to day operations at any size credit union. Ours standard features include functionality that other providers consider optional. Here are just a few of our unique standard features:

  • Teller Cash Inventory
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Risk Based Lending
  • 5300 Call Report Assistant
  • Cross Selling
  • Automated Loan Decision
  • Collections Promise to Pay
  • Ultimate Checking

Teller Cash Inventory

We Make Teller Balancing Easier

Teller Balancing is one of the most tedious tasks for tellers and it’s the single largest headache for tellers when they are closing out. Teller Cash Inventory makes balancing easier by keeping a detailed record of exactly what cash and coin was exchanged and the specific denominations. So when tellers are out of balance, they know exactly what denominations are missing.

Offer the Tellers an easy, quick, accurate and time saving way to avoid out of balance situations with Sharetec’s Teller Cash Inventory.

Cross Selling

Make Cross Selling Your Products Simple for Everyone

Empower your employees to become cross selling experts. The Cross Selling module prompts employees for any Cross Selling opportunities that arise during the day. Systematic marketing campaigns alert your employees with correct information on your products for the specific campaign  They are provided with a script for easy and accurate selling opportunities.

In addition, the system tracks the success and failure of each campaign and can provide information to reward employees for successful selling. Stop missing opportunities and increase ROI with Cross Selling.

Credit Card Integration

Hassle Free Access to Members' Credit Card Information

Finding third party information about members credit cards can be difficult. If you currently have access to credit card information from a third party, try Sharetec’s Credit Card Solution. Payments, balances and transaction information can all be viewed in MCIF with a single click of the mouse. Sharetec can accept downloads from credit card vendors and populate current information related to your member.

As an added bonus, the Credit Card Sweep program allows payments to be made over the counter with a single transaction. The system aggregates the payments and sends a payment file daily to your credit card vendor. Integrate credit card information into the core system with a single daily process.

Automated Loan Decisions

Simplify Your Lending Decisions

Eliminate manual calculations and make decisions quickly and correctly. With Sharetec, debt ratios are calculated for both applicant and co-applicant as debt and income information is added. It also calculates disposable income and loan-to-value percentages to assist in the process. But the best part is, once these percentages are calculated, the system approves or denies the loan based on your specific criteria.

Sharetec provides ten (10) different criteria to assist you in the lending decision. The decision can be as complex as a combination of several criteria, or as simple as using the debt ratio or credit score.

Automate Risk Based Lending

Risk Based Loan Calculations

With Sharetec, you can have the confidence of knowing all your interest rates are 100% accurate. Update one Risk Based Matrix and all interest rates tied to that matrix are immediately updated. No more confusing the correct interest rate and updating spreadsheets every day – Sharetec automates the process for you.

With the flexibility of the matrix, the credit union may have multiple risk plans that apply to different loan types. Loan officers will always have up to date rates based on the Risk level of the member. Save time by eliminating the manual effort required to change 40-50 interest rates one at a time.

Collections Promise to Pay

Stay on Top of Your Promise to Pay Program

Create a customized repayment plan for each member and each loan. Simply enter the frequency and proposed amount of each payment and let the system do the rest.

At the end of the day, our system checks and notifies your Collection Department on who did and who didn’t complete the promise. The on-screen tracking enables your staff to see at a glance the status of these members and their payments. Promise to Pay reduces the amount of time and energy required to stay on top of delinquent members.

5300 Call Report Assistance

Reduce 5300 Preparation Time

Automatically download the data for your NCUA 5300 Call Report. Generate the supporting reports in case research is required. In less than an hour, all of the information required for your Call Report is generated. Eliminate hours of transferring data from a core system to spreadsheets just to create Call Reports. With a single process, your data gathering is done in minutes!


Ultimate Checking

Reward Members with Checking Accounts that are Truly Flexible

Offer members a higher dividend rate on checking accounts while giving them the freedom of unlimited deposits and withdrawals. Reward members for utilizing electronic avenues such as Home Banking, Mobile Banking, and Debit Cards to access accounts. Increase market share of checking accounts and reduce operational costs with Ultimate Checking. Sharetec offers the flexibility to tie over forty (40) different metrics to Ultimate Checking.