UPDATE:  Data Systems’ Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

I hope this email finds you safe and healthy. Because the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting us all, we felt it was important to quickly update you on changes we are making at DSOT to continue providing the level of service and support you are accustomed to while also protecting the health of our employees their families, and our community.


What we’re doing at Data Systems of Texas

Team Members Working Remotely as Needed

Between school closures and various health concerns, some DSOT employees will be working from home. Fortunately, we already have the tools and resources in place to allow us to continue supporting you during this time. Our Customer Care team is available during regular business hours and after-hours through the normal channels.

Limiting Travel

All non-essential business-related travel has been put on hold at this time.


Additional Services Available to Credit Unions

COVID-19 Notifications in Sharetec Home and Mobile Banking

If you would like to add a notification to your members in Sharetec Home and Mobile banking related to your response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we can help. To add one, follow these steps:

    • Draft your notice and post it to your web site. We suggest making this an HTML page for better compatibility with mobile devices.
    • Email Customer Care with a request to add a notification to your Home and Mobile banking platform. Your email should include a link to your notice.

Mass Emails to Members from Sharetec

During this time, it may be useful to have a way to communicate with all your members at once. Fortunately, there is a way to quickly send a mass email from within Sharetec.

Click here for instructions. For assistance logging in to the Knowledge Base, please contact Customer Care.

Providing Remote Access to Sharetec for your Employees

Some of you have already been allowing employees to work remotely and have existing plans in place. There are generally two ways that employees can remotely access your Credit Union’s Sharetec platform:

    • Remote Access Software – Your IT provider or IT department can help you utilize any number of products to remote access to your work desktop station. Some of the more popular solutions are LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, TeamViewer and Bomgar. This allows you to remotely connect to your work PC just like you are sitting at your desk. All User Credentials for your employees to access Sharetec would be the same.
    • VPN connectivity – Service Bureau customers can connect remotely into the Sharetec Terminal Server using a VPN connection. In this scenario our Hardware Engineers would assist you with installing a VPN client on to your Laptop or PC, and help you get logged into Sharetec remotely. You will log in to Sharetec using your normal Sharetec User ID and credentials. We normally charge for this service but during this time we are waiving setup fees. This only includes remote access and does not include peripheral or printer setup. This is unfortunately not available for In House customers unless you have your IT department setup a VPN connection to your inhouse network.


I hope that the above is helpful information to you at this time. If you want to avail yourselves of any of the above items, please contact Customer Care Team.

As always, we can be reached by calling 888-778-6301 or by contacting Customer Care.