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Reward your Members with Ultimate Checking from Sharetec

Reward Your Members  Most people would agree—when one uses the word “ultimate” to describe a product or service, it should live up to its name. And Sharetec’s Ultimate Checking does just that. With over 40 different metrics that can be tied to Ultimate Checking, Sharetec allows you to reward your members for using electronic account… Read more »

Looming Deadlines for Credit Union Windows 10 Users

According to CUTimes, the Windows 10 deadline is looming for credit unions. The issue is going to be, how do credit unions test it and how do they upgrade in the field? Learn more at About Sharetec An industry leader in the development of credit union software, Sharetec was founded in 1994 by four… Read more »

Dashboards are Information Hubs for Credit Union Managment & Associates

Dashboards are Information Hubs  Data from dashboards make up a major part of everyday life. These information hubs provide critical data about our lives. Most importantly, associates and management alike can use dashboards to get a feel for the pulse of their credit union. Learn more at: About Sharetec An industry leader in the… Read more »

Guest Bloggers Wanted for May and June!

Guest Bloggers Needed for May and June!     All participants for this quarter will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. Reminder: If you have submitted an article in the past, you can submit another one.   Your article can be about any subject you think other Sharetec Credit… Read more »

“Instant Debit Card Freeze” from Sharetec

Instant Debit Card Freeze allows your members to quickly and easily freeze all debit card activity due to loss, fraud, etc. Freeze – and thaw – anywhere, at any time Freeze using Home Banking or your mobile app Easily remove the freezer if card is located using same simple process Just tap the button and… Read more »

Loan Decisions Simplified

While credit unions would like nothing more than to help members make their dreams a reality, the loan decision process can be difficult for even the most astute of lenders. For this reason, Sharetec offers Automated Lending to assist credit unions with making such critical decisions.  Sharetec’s Automated Lending tool—used in conjunction with Sharetec’s loan application—is considered… Read more »

Increase Revenue with Indirect Lending

Indirect Lending Indirect Lending is a Sharetec add-on that allows Credit Unions to manage loan referrals from local auto dealers (or other third parties) and pay commissions on these referrals. When loans are referred from the dealership, they are added to the dealer during the application process. Commissions and charge backs are calculated for all… Read more »

Thanksgiving Holiday Closure

Thank You For Your Partnership As we count our blessings on this Thanksgiving Day, we count ourselves extremely fortunate to have customers like you.  Thank you for making this year a great success.  We could not do this without your continued support and partnership. Data Systems will be closed the day of Thanksgiving so that… Read more »

Sharetec’s Online New Member Enrollment Increases Online Visibility

Sharetec’s Online New Member Enrollment Let Sharetec’s Online New Member Enrollment Increase Your Online Visibility Sharetec’s simple and accommodating enrollment process makes it more apt for members to open an account with your credit union. Sharetec’s online member services facilitates new member enrollment and provides a channel for new shares and loans to be opened by… Read more »

Labor Day Holiday Celebrations

ENJOY YOUR LABOR DAY WEEKEND As the entire nation celebrates Labor Day, we want to take a minute to recognize you and your staff.  We are proud to work with some of the most dedicated, talented, and hard working people in the world.  We are honored you chose to partner with us at Data Systems.… Read more »