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Sharetec’s Off-Site Data Redundancy keeps your Data Safe

DISASTERS CAN HAPPEN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.  Be Prepared with Sharetec’s Off-Site Data Redundancy. Sharetec’s Off-Site Data Redundancy keeps your data safe.  If you are concerned about Disaster Recovery then Sharetec’s Off-Site Data Redundancy is your solution.  We simply setup a nightly backup (or every 20 minutes if you want) so that all your data is replicated to… Read more »

Sharetec’s Offsite Data Redundancy Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

 Sharetec Keeps Your Data Safe Concerned about Disaster Recovery? Offsite Data Redundancy is the solution.  Disasters can happen to the best of us, which is why preparedness and planning are essential.  Sharetec has a system-saving feature that does just that, helping Credit Unions to prepare for the worst and avoid disaster.  Built into the Sharetec… Read more »