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Young Mobile Users Continue to Widen the Gap!

Mobile banking among younger generations shows that the gap continues to widen away from the use of PCs. To read more of this interesting article posted by the Credit Union Times be sure to click here. The Sharetec Credit Union Management System is serviced and supported in the South and Southwest by Data Systems of Texas.  … Read more »

Mobile Banking Keeping You Attached To Your Members

Research is showing that a majority of consumers are interested in using new forms of electronic payments, including Personal Payment Transactions and Mobile Banking.  Research also showed that the number has doubled from 8% to 16% for those that used mobile phones to pay bills. Now is the time for you to connect with your… Read more »

Mobile Banking Revolutionizes The Way We Bank

Mobile Banking revolutionizes the way we bank in today’s world.  More than 25% of U.S. households use mobile banking via text messaging, mobile browsers and downloadable apps, according to a survey by a financial service technology firm. Click here to learn more about Sharetec’s Mobile Banking Services. Almost 1/3 of potential new members are between… Read more »

As Mobile Banking Technology Keeps Skyrocketing, Is Your Credit Union Keeping Up?

How Mobile is your banking? Mobile Banking Technology  keeps  gaining popularity with consumers owning smartphones now more than ever.  It is important to have easy access to vital information at the touch of a button.  I love seeing the statistics that are backing up the relevance of having the latest technologies available for credit union members.  Credit Union CEO’s are… Read more »