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Savings Made Easy with Sharetec!

  Savings Made Easy! Sharetec provides the products and services that keep your members happy and loyal. With Sharetec’s Easy Saver program, members can increase their savings with each debit transaction they make. When a purchase is made, their transaction will be rounded to the nearest dollar and the difference is added to their savings… Read more »

Save the Date – Meet Sharetec at the CCUL Leadership Summit

SAVE THE DATE: Be sure to stop by Sharetec’s Booth #113 to learn more about the CORE that offers more at the Corner Stone Leadership Summit & Executive Forum. Also make your guess with how much cash is in the jar and you can take it home with you like this lucky winner! When: September… Read more »

Two Sharetec CUs Name to List of Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions

Two Sharetec Credit Unions Among Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions in 2019 Congratulations to Sterling Federal Credit Union and Pioneer Mutual Credit Union for being named in Lending Tree’s annual list of the Top 200 Healthiest CUs for 2019. Coming in at #1 is Sterling Federal Credit Union based in Sterling, Colorado.  Established in 1938, Sterling FCU… Read more »

Sharetec, the Core with Ongoing Training

With Sharetec, your training & education is an ongoing process. In addition to the two weeks of intensive training all new customers receive, Sharetec provides: • Regular live and recorded training webinars on Sharetec best-practices • Free, customized training at Sharetec headquarters • Live and recorded product demos • A fully-searchable online Knowledge Base •… Read more »

Sharetec Results – Customized Reporting for Your Credit Union

  Are you looking for even more insight into your Credit Union’s data? Results is a Sharetec program that allows users to retrieve and analyze specific, customized sets of data from your Credit Union. Results also gives you the ability to schedule and run these custom reports using the Scheduler tool. Need help building or… Read more »

“Instant Debit Card Freeze” from Sharetec

“Instant Debit Card Freeze” from Sharetec “Instant Debit Card Freeze” allows your members to quickly and easily freeze all debit card activity due to loss, fraud, etc. • Freeze – and thaw – anywhere, at any time • Freeze using Home Banking or your mobile app • Easily remove the freeze if card is located… Read more »

Sharetec Keeps your Data Safe

We’ll Keep Your Data Safe for You As a Credit Union professional, protecting your members – specifically, their data – is among your highest priorities. How will you recover if something happens to your on-site data storage? Sharetec’s Offsite Data Redundancy Program creates a regular backup of all your data (weekly, nightly, every 20 minutes,… Read more »

Reward your Members with Ultimate Checking from Sharetec

Reward Your Members  Most people would agree—when one uses the word “ultimate” to describe a product or service, it should live up to its name. And Sharetec’s Ultimate Checking does just that. With over 40 different metrics that can be tied to Ultimate Checking, Sharetec allows you to reward your members for using electronic account… Read more »

Looming Deadlines for Credit Union Windows 10 Users

According to CUTimes, the Windows 10 deadline is looming for credit unions. The issue is going to be, how do credit unions test it and how do they upgrade in the field? Learn more at About Sharetec An industry leader in the development of credit union software, Sharetec was founded in 1994 by four… Read more »