Sharetec’s Online Member Services

Sharetec's Online Member Services

Sharetec’s Online Member Services Can Increase your Online Visibility

How do you grow membership, shares or loan volumes while the doors of your credit union are locked?  The only efficient answer is technology.  Your website is open even when your credit union is not.  Why not add technology that lets new members join and existing members add the accounts that they need to meet their financial goals?  With Sharetec’s Online Member Services, you can do just that.

Sharetec’s Online New Member Enrollment, part of Online Member Services, is simple to use and makes it easy for people to join your credit union online.  Not only does Sharetec’s Online Member Services facilitate new member enrollment, it provides a channel for new shares and loans to be opened by existing members – at anytime from anywhere.  Existing members will appreciate the convenience, knowing they don’t have to travel into the credit union to add the services they need.

Your membership, deposits, and loans can now increase faster and with less work – even on holidays.  You can increase their loan success while bringing in new members with our Online Member Services.  Among other security features, Online New Member Enrollment validates identity which helps reduce fraud in the online application process.

Solutions – Sharetec

Sharetec developed a robust, far-reaching core data processing solution with integrated functionality that other systems attempt to accomplish through static interfaces to third party products.  Our approach has been to deliver advanced, simple-to-use products that flow seamlessly for the user, eliminating the frustration produced by less integrated systems.

Your members have come to expect excellent service – why not surpass their expectations?  Our integrated design will increase the performance of your staff, leading to better service, lower costs and greater growth.

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Lori Tuyo
Marketing Specialist