Sharetec’s Off-Site Data Redundancy keeps your Data Safe

Disaster Recovery 2016
DISASTERS CAN HAPPEN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.  Be Prepared with Sharetec’s Off-Site Data Redundancy.

Sharetec’s Off-Site Data Redundancy keeps your data safe.  If you are concerned about Disaster Recovery then Sharetec’s Off-Site Data Redundancy is your solution.  We simply setup a nightly backup (or every 20 minutes if you want) so that all your data is replicated to our secure hosting facility.

The credit union receives a daily confirmation that the backup to the remote facility was successfully completed.  If for some reason the backup failed, Data Systems will be notified immediately and initiate our contingency plan.

Sharetec’s Off-Site Disaster Recovery program also includes periodic testing of your remote backup data.

If your credit union was unfortunate to go through some type of disaster, whether by fire, natural disaster, etc., the credit union should be able to be operational in 24 hours or less.

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About Sharetec

We develop core processing solutions with two goals:  make it smarter and keep it simple.  Our system is scalable to meet the needs of credit unions of every size – all while providing a user interface that greatly reduces training time and the need for day-to-day support.  Most importantly, we are committed to delivering excellent ROI and lower cost of ownership so you can stay on the cutting edge of technology without cutting into your bottom line.

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