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Sharetec Home Banking


The Power of Integration

Today’s members want immediate access to their accounts 24 hours a day.  Members also want access to current, up-to-date information, not periodic refreshing of balance information.  Sharetec Real Time Home and Mobile Banking delivers what your members want.  Access is now available to your account thru our triple play option.  You can use your PC, cell phone or notebook to access your accounts with our new Mobile Banking or Text Banking.  Your members now have complete access to their accounts 24-7 regardless of their location.

  • Personal Financial Management – totally integrated
  • Receive e-Alerts
  • Unlock their own account when they forget their password
  • Build stop payments

Real Time Home and Mobile Banking

Sharetec Real Time Home and Mobile Banking will enable your credit union to access a greater number of members.  This access will also enable your credit union to offer more services to members.  Individuals with outstanding access to their financial information from their financial institution are more likely to remain long term members.

  • Cross sell e-Statements to qualified members
  • Increased member loyalty
  • New ways to generate non-interest income
  • Reduced repetitive tasks through complete integration

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Lori Tuyo
Marketing Specialist

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