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Sharetc Data Processing System increases ROISharetec Data Processing System – Technology Of Simplicity

Today’s credit union leaders have much to consider when researching a core processor provider such as its ability to keep pace with evolving technology, adapting to changing regulations, while providing superior member service.

Sharetec Core is scalable to meet the needs of credit unions of every size – all while providing a user interface that greatly reduces training time and the need for day-to-day support.

Credit Unions are in an increasingly competitive market.  For them, the benefit of an IT structure is its ability to harness available resources to meet market demands and achieve business objectives.  Sharetec core provides an IT structure that is based on open systems and can assist  credit unions to increase revenue by providing faster time to market of new or enhanced delivery channels, consumer products and tools, and analytics  designed to more efficiently achieve their marketing objectives.  Collectively, the design, features, functionality and strategic partnerships provided in the Sharetec system protects technology investments by bringing down total operations, development and maintenance expenses while creating or enhancing existing revenue streams.

Sharetec core has a robust, far-reaching core data processing solution with integrated functionality that other systems attempt to accomplish through static interfaces to third party products.  Sharetec’s approach has been to deliver advanced, simple-to-use products that flow seamlessly for the user, eliminating the frustration produced by less cohesive systems.

By choosing Sharetec as its technology solutions partner, your credit union can eliminate barriers to growth, improve operating efficiencies, ensure ongoing compliance and provide superior products and services that will drive member growth and generate additional revenue stream.

To learn more about how our systems can increase efficiency at your credit union while improving convenience and flexibility for your members, contact Data Systems of Texas at 800-245-7504 today!

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