UPDATE:  Data Systems’ Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

I hope this email finds you safe and healthy. Because the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting us all, we felt it was important to quickly update you on changes we are making at DSOT to continue providing the level of service and support you are accustomed to while also protecting the health of our employees their families, and our community.


What we’re doing at Data Systems of Texas

Team Members Working Remotely as Needed

Between school closures and various health concerns, some DSOT employees will be working from home. Fortunately, we already have the tools and resources in place to allow us to continue supporting you during this time. Our Customer Care team is available during regular business hours and after-hours through the normal channels.

Limiting Travel

All non-essential business-related travel has been put on hold at this time.


Additional Services Available to Credit Unions

COVID-19 Notifications in Sharetec Home and Mobile Banking

If you would like to add a notification to your members in Sharetec Home and Mobile banking related to your response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we can help. To add one, follow these steps:

    • Draft your notice and post it to your web site. We suggest making this an HTML page for better compatibility with mobile devices.
    • Email Customer Care with a request to add a notification to your Home and Mobile banking platform. Your email should include a link to your notice.

Mass Emails to Members from Sharetec

During this time, it may be useful to have a way to communicate with all your members at once. Fortunately, there is a way to quickly send a mass email from within Sharetec.

Click here for instructions. For assistance logging in to the Knowledge Base, please contact Customer Care.

Providing Remote Access to Sharetec for your Employees

Some of you have already been allowing employees to work remotely and have existing plans in place. There are generally two ways that employees can remotely access your Credit Union’s Sharetec platform:

    • Remote Access Software – Your IT provider or IT department can help you utilize any number of products to remote access to your work desktop station. Some of the more popular solutions are LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, TeamViewer and Bomgar. This allows you to remotely connect to your work PC just like you are sitting at your desk. All User Credentials for your employees to access Sharetec would be the same.
    • VPN connectivity – Service Bureau customers can connect remotely into the Sharetec Terminal Server using a VPN connection. In this scenario our Hardware Engineers would assist you with installing a VPN client on to your Laptop or PC, and help you get logged into Sharetec remotely. You will log in to Sharetec using your normal Sharetec User ID and credentials. We normally charge for this service but during this time we are waiving setup fees. This only includes remote access and does not include peripheral or printer setup. This is unfortunately not available for In House customers unless you have your IT department setup a VPN connection to your inhouse network.


I hope that the above is helpful information to you at this time. If you want to avail yourselves of any of the above items, please contact Customer Care Team.

As always, we can be reached by calling 888-778-6301 or by contacting Customer Care.

Data Systems’ Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Data Systems-Sharetec is closely monitoring the circumstances surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have a team reviewing daily postings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and our state and local authorities to ensure we stay on top of developments in the event proactive measures need to be taken.

Some important factors from our business continuity plan you should know during this time of uncertainty:

  • The service and support you depend on daily will continue just as it always has. Our employees are dedicated to providing support and should the need arise, our team is equipped to be able to work from home. We are monitoring employees who travel and will impose self-isolation when applicable.
  • Our fully redundant data centers will continue to provide uninterrupted service that you can rely on. We expect no interruptions.
  • Scheduled migrations, upgrades, and conversions will continue as planned. If changes need to be made in response to something happening at your credit union, please contact your project coordinator or our Customer Care Team.
  • Our Users Conference is set for September 2020 and we will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.

Data Systems-Sharetec is well prepared for this time of uncertainty and want to help insure your peace of mind. Thank you for your continued partnership and we will continue to update you on this ever-changing situation as the need arises.

All questions about this should be directed to Customer Care.

Automate with Sharetec’s Xpress Accounts!

Sharetec Xpress Accounts

Sharetec’s Xpress Accounts Helps Automate the Enrollment Process! 

Sharetec’s Xpress Accounts facilitates the entire end-to-end new member enrollment & funding transaction. Included is credit reporting, ID verification, check history, account funding, switch-kit documents & personalized cross-selling for all loan products.  All of this is done within minutes.

Utilizing your home banking platform, the system allows new & current members the ability to open & find accounts quickly & easily. Members’ have access 24/7 from the convenience of their home or office.

*open accounts
*switch kit & docs
*upload to core
*cross selling

It is quick & safe, reduces fraud while improving your members’ experience!

About Sharetec
Sharetec, a provider of both service center and in-house core software solutions, delivers a return on investment (ROI), builds income streams and lowers operating expenses for over 250 credit unions. Since its establishment in 1993, Sharetec has grown steadily, welcoming over 50 new credit union clients in the past 3 years.

Contact us today for more information!

Primary Financial Relationship


Primary Financial Relationship 

As the new year progresses, credit unions continue to analyze their place in the financial system. What sets them apart? What systems do they have that can support these services?  

A myriad of financial options are available to customers and more are created each year. The “2016 Survey of Consumer Finance” written by the Federal Reserve, is quoted as saying, “Americans have at least five accounts with different financial institutions, and of those that belong to credit unions, only 20% see it as their primary relationship.” Becoming a customer’s primary financial relationship is paramount for the continued success of any financial institution including credit unions. A human-centered relationship with members has always been a hallmark characteristic of the credit union industry. Leveraging this characteristic requires that the next stage in development for credit unions will be adopting time saving technologies. This will assist in freeing up their staff to provide the human to human interactions that leads to becoming the member’s primary financial relationship. Sharetec is committed to serving credit unions by providing core processing solutions with two goals: make it smarter and keep it simple. 

Contact us for more information! 

Savings Made Easy with Sharetec!


Savings Made Easy!

Sharetec provides the products and services that keep your members happy and loyal.

With Sharetec’s Easy Saver program, members can increase their savings with each debit transaction they make. When a purchase is made, their transaction will be rounded to the nearest dollar and the difference is added to their savings account. Members can sit back and watch their bank accounts grow.

Member pays $3.78 for coffee at Starbucks…
Sharetec will round the total to $4.00…
and deposit $.22 in your member savings account.

Click here to read about a credit union’s success story!

Sharetec credit union management software features all the tools your employees need to handle day to day operations, including many standard features other cores consider optional. Specializing in the tools you need to reach and serve more members, we offer In-House, Service Bureau, E-Services, Home Banking, and Mobile Banking options. 

Contact Sharetec today to learn more about Sharetec’s Easy Saver Program!

Sharetec is Making the Difference



At Sharetec, we absolutely love working with Credit Unions! We like being able to bring value to you and your members.  Sharetec’s core values match up very closely to the credit unions.  We love giving back to the community, sponsoring events and taking up donations to help our customers who have had some type of negative impact, such as flooding, tornados, etc.,  

Our team have been really busy this past year with new installs, training with new and existing clients, meetings with future clients and providing system demos.

Please reach out today to learn why so many have made the decision to switch cores.  We would love to schedule a one on one meeting with you and see how we might help your credit union out as well.


Join Sharetec at the MAXX Annual Convention 2019

Be sure to join Sharetec at this year’s MAXX – Exhibtor Trade Show and Convention 2019

Stop by Booth #37 to learn more about Sharetec and why more and more credit unions are making the switch!  We will be there starting October 15th-17th at the Spokane Convention Center.  Also stop by our booth to take a guess at how much cash is in the cash jar! Closest guess takes the cash home!

If you are ready for a core change, stop by booth #37 and we would love to see how we could help out your credit union!

Contact us today for more information about Sharetec at 844-802-4441 or by email

CECL, Sharetec and Credit Unions




Callahan & Associates is a great resource for credit unions. CECL is a BIG thing for credit union industry and Callahan’s recently shared some resources to help study CECL online.

* American Institute of CPAs – Credit Union Implementation 
* Financial Accounting Standards Board – Credit Losses 
* NCUA, Fed, OCC, FDIC – Interagency FAQs on CECL
(April 2019)

Reach out to Sharetec and see how we can help your credit union be CECL ready!

Lori Tuyo
Regional Sales Director Sharetec
800-245-7504 XT. 2273

Save the Date – Meet Sharetec at the CCUL Leadership Summit

Be sure to stop by Sharetec’s Booth #113 to learn more about the CORE that offers more at the Corner Stone Leadership Summit & Executive Forum.

Also make your guess with how much cash is in the jar and you can take it home with you like this lucky winner!

When: September 5th
Where: San Antonio Marriot Rivercenter
Time: All Day Starting at 8am

Join Sharetec at the Louisiana Credit Union League’s Annual Meeting & Expo 2019

Join Sharetec at this year’s Louisiana Credit Union League’s 2019 Annual Meeting and Convention, July 31st – August 3rd at the Hilton New Orleans.
Stop by booth #17 to see why over 250 credit unions nationwide have made the switch to the Sharetec Core. We not only offer the products and services your members demand at a price you can afford, but we love serving our communities and giving back.
Also be sure to stop by booth #17 and write down your guess for how much cash is in the money jar! Winner takes the cash home!