Online New Member Enrollment is Quick & Easy

Sharetec Home Banking

Online New Member Enrollment is Quick and Easy and potential members only need a few minutes and some basic information to get the process started.  The online process collects all the vital information necessary to process the application.

  • Eligibility & Criteria
  • Applicant & Joint Applicant Information
  • Type of Loan & Amount
  • Account Funding Information (Creating an ACH from Another FI)
  • Payment Method
  • Select Share Accounts & Other Products (Debit Card, etc)

You maintain control!  The potential member receives an email from the credit union with further instructions.  The credit union staff may request additional information.  Once a credit check is completed, you are ready to contact the applicant and complete the transaction.

The Benefits:

  • Potential Members Can Apply for Membership Online
  • New Loans Can Be Approved in Minutes
  • You Have Immediate Opportunity to Cross Sell Additional Products
  • You Can Compete With Any Financial institution for Products and services

To learn more about Sharetec’s Online New Member Enrollment click here.

Lori Tuyo
Marketing Specialist

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