Sharetec Online Enrollment – Attract New Members! Retain Existing Members!

online enrollment software for credit unions can help your company competitive against any financial institutions

Online Credit Union Enrollment is Quick and Easy with Sharetec

With Sharetec Online Enrollment software for credit unions, new members can apply online. It is quick and easy and potential members only need a few minutes and some basic information to get the process started. Potential members now search the internet to find the “best fit” for their financial institution. Sharetec Online Enrollment program gathers vital information required to determine membership eligibility and what accounts/loans a potential member is interested in opening. 

  • Eligibility & Criteria
  • Applicant & Joint Applicant Information
  • Type of Loan & Amount
  • Account Funding Information (Creating an ACH from another FI)
  • Payment Method
  • Select Share Accounts & Other Products (Debit Card, etc)

You maintain control!  The potential member receives an email from the credit union with further instructions. The credit union staff may request additional information. Once a credit check is completed, you are ready to contact the applicant and complete the transaction.

The Benefits:

  • Potential Members Can Apply for Membership Online
  • New Loans Can Be Approved in Minutes
  • You Have Immediate Opportunity to Cross Sell Additional Products
  • You Can Compete With Any Financial Institution for Products & Services

There is even an account funding option to collect the R&T from any institution and create an ACH transaction to open the account. Prior to approval, the system verifies the information provided.  This program increases credit union visibility and provides an additional source of new members with no additional effort from your staff.

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Lori Tuyo
Marketing Specialist

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