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Flex Pay is an internet bill pay solution that offers your members a variety of options based on their individual preferences. FlexPay also integrates with PicturePay (see below), allowing your members to easily maintain a digital record of their payment history.

A Pricing Model that Makes Sense: Flex Pay operates on a transaction-based pricing model – you are only charged when a member makes a payment.

Real-Time Transaction Posting: Unlike competitive products that post using batch files (many with delays of several days), Flex Pay’s real-time interface posts transactions automatically to Sharetec, greatly reducing the potential for fraud.

Seamless Integration: FlexPay seamlessly integrates with your online banking platform, matching the look and feel of your existing website. This gives customers better continuity with their online banking experience. FlexPay also makes automatic enrollment a viable option by eliminating the enrollment process

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PicturePay lets your members pay their bills by taking a picture of any bill with their smartphone. PicturePay further streamlines the payment process by completing data entry (payee and account information) for the user and eliminating the need for a keyboard.

Drives Bill Pay Adoption: PicturePay uses simple technology customers already know and trust.

Saves Members Money: PicturePay gives members the option to expedite payments for a small fee, eliminating more expensive late fees for customers and generating additional revenue for your Credit Union.

Leads to Higher Account Balances: PicturePay users also tend to have higher account balances than others. With a 99.4% read rate, PicturePay gives users a convenient and trustworthy option to pay their bills using only their smartphone. For example, members can even write a receipt on a napkin with an address, take a picture of it, and Picture Pay will send the payment.

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PortalPay allows your members to make loan payments from their internal or external accounts via your Credit Union’s website. PortalPay operates as a landing page within your website where members can enter contact information, share account information, and loan information.

This simple and convenient tool enhances customer experience, extends web reach, and supports increased customer acquisition by allowing loan payments from nonmembers and customers.

The purpose of PortalPay is to make the bill paying process more efficient and cost-effective for Credit Unions and easier and more convenient for their members.


Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture from Sharetec allows members to initiate mobile-baking sessions, key in deposit amounts and snap photos of both the front and back of checks with their smart phones or tablets. The Remote Deposit Capture tool then automatically formats and corrects the images, while confirming Check 21 and mobile image-quality standards, before transmission.

After checks are submitted via RDC, members receive alerts notifying them the transaction was successfully completed.

“Close to two-thirds (59%) of mobile banking customers are likely to adopt Remote Deposit Capture if offered by their financial institution.” – Mercatus Mobile RDC Adoption Research Study

Sharetec’s Remote Deposit Capture uses multiple layers of security and fraud prevention tools that allow the specific device, time and location to be identified. Both the Credit Union and the member have the peace of mind knowing that their deposit transaction is secure.


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