Keep Pace with your Member’s Mobile Lifestyle with Sharetec’s E-Services


Sharetec’s E-Services

Sharetec understands the unique needs of today’s credit union members and we can help you keep pace with their increasingly mobile lifestyle. We offer a variety of E-Services that help you deliver the cutting edge technology your member’s demand, while keeping you connected to your members anytime, all the time using Sharetec E-Services.  These services include:

  • E-Statements
    Deliver Paperless Statements Right to Member’s Inboxes– the quickest most economical delivery for member statements is through Home Banking.  Reduce mailing costs, eliminate manual efforts and deliver paperless statements directly to the member’s email address.  Sharetec also provides customized electronic statements that include promotions and cross selling opportunities.
  • E-Notices
    Save Money with Electronic Notice Delivery– save time and expense of mailing important notices to members.  With E-Notices, members opt-in for the service and the system handles the rest.  Whether it’s NSF Notices, CD Maturity Notices, or Late Payment Notices, paperless delivery is automated every day.
  • E-Alerts
    Alert members electronically with important account information– members can now create messages to alert themselves when an account balance is too low, or a loan payment is due.
  • E-Receipts
    Create E-Receipts to save time and money– members now have the option of receiving a paper copy of transactions, or an electronic copy of the receipt to be sent out to their mail.  For members calling to make transfers, they receive an instant email with the receipt attached to their records.  Sending E-Receipts instead of mailing paper receipts, saves your employee’s time and you the cost of buying envelopes and postage.
  • Remote E-Sign
    Serve members anywhere in the world– increase loan volume with Remote E-Sign so members all over the world can quickly and securely sign loan documents online with a secure electronic signature.  All documents are electronically controlled to insure the safety of the information.  Members receive an email with  a link to the encrypted document attached.
  • Remote Deposit Capture
    Deposit Checks from any location– save your members a trip to the credit union.  Remote Deposit Capture enables members to send an image of a check quickly and securely to their account.  For out of town members, being able to deposit checks online will keep them using your credit union.

Sharetec’s E-Services puts leading -edge technology on your side, extending your interaction with members beyond the walls of your credit union.  Your members will benefit from remote account access and paperless systems that tailor your services to their fast-paced lifestyles.

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Lori Tuyo
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