Fraud Alerts Help Give Members Peace Of Mind

Fraud ProtectionSharetec Fraud Alerts

Protecting members from fraud is one of the biggest challenges Credit Unions face today.  For this reason, Sharetec offers real-time fraud monitoring through its Fraud Alert System.  This vital feature is designed to work proactively, helping Credit Unions stay one step ahead of fraud and help provide their members with peace of mind.

Sharetec’s Fraud Alert System is always on the look-out for questionable activity.  And once a fraudulent situation is detected―whether during a member transaction, search, batch posting, new member enrollment, or application process―your Credit Union staff and your members will receive prompt notification.  In the event of a change of address, suspicious activity is immediately reported, and a change of address notice is auto-generated and sent to the original mailing address to ensure that the change was initiated by the member.

Key features of Sharetec’s Fraud Alert:

  • Fraud Alerts are based on a set of fraud conditions set up in the Fraud Alert control
  • Alerts are Credit Union-defined and tailored to meet each institution’s level of need
  • Fraud Alert Reports are available on a daily basis to report all fraudulent conditions
  • Credit Bureau Integration provides extra security for members on active duty or those who have been identified as fraud suspects
  • Fraud Alerts are linked to FinCen, OFAC, and EFunds files to flag qualifying member records as needed

With Sharetec’s Fraud Alert System, you can rest assured that prompt notification will translate to security and peace of mind for your members.

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Lori Tuyo
Marketing Specialist