Disaster Recovery/Data Loss – How many times have you thought, ” That would never happen to me?”

lightening-disaster planningWhen it comes to disaster recovery, eighty percent of organizations responding to a Ponemon Institute study, disclosed they had lost data at some point in the previous 12 months.

Human Error #1 cause for loss of data. Some other ways to lose data are from natural disasters like floods, fire, hurricanes or tornado’s that can cause power failure shutting off hardware systems before a chance to save important data.

When calculating lost revenue and productivity per hour, businesses have been known to save as much as 44 percent in IT cost by reducing down time through disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery is an integral piece to any companies IT strategy.  It keeps a businesses viable and minimizes the impact of data losses.

When polled companies identify data backup and disaster recovery  as one of their greatest needs.

Data losses are disruptive, even devastating!  YOU can prevent it from being fatal with Sharetec’s Disaster Recovery Program.

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Lori Tuyo
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