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Sharetec Core Generates ROI for your Credit Union

If R.O.I Came in a Box, Would You Open It?  Sure You Would!   Sharetec core helps credit unions generate more non-interest income, productivity and credit union growth – resulting in better ROI. Sharetec understands that core systems today must provide return on investment.  We take the time to listen and understand your technology goals for… Read more »

Tiered Courtesy Pay Can Help Boost Non-Interest Income

Do more for your members and your credit union. Tiered Courtesy Pay can help boost non-interest income.  The risk-based fee structure gives credit unions more flexibility in helping members when it comes to overdrafts.  The fee gradually increases the more the  member uses the service. It is a win-win for the credit union and it’s… Read more »

Courtesy Pay VS Overdraft Protection. Let Members Know There Is A Difference!

Courtesy Pay VS Overdraft Protection what is the  difference? Overdraft Protection is a feature offered by financial institutions to keep your account from overdrafting when you write a check or swipe your debit card but don’t have enough money in your checking account to cover the balance.  Overdraft Protection links your checking account to a… Read more »

Increase Your ROI With Tiered Courtesy Pay

Tiered Courtesy Pay can help increase your credit union’s ROI Tiered Courtesy Pay automatically clears checks, debit ACH payments & recurring debit transactions on eligible checking accounts when there are insufficient funds available. Want to reward your good members?  If so, the tiered approach to courtesy pay may be for you.  It is highly recommended by industry… Read more »