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Accelerate Your Data Gathering with Sharetec’s 5300 Call Report

5300 Call Report Module Accelerate Your Data Gathering! Preparing your quarterly 5300 Call Report can be time-consuming and exasperating to say the least.  Sharetec’s 5300 Call Report Assistant helps you streamline the data gathering and organize your quarterly report. By automatically gathering data from several different resources – including Sharetec shares, loans, and general ledger the 5300… Read more »

Crack Down on 5300 Call Report

  How many times have you dreaded the quarterly 5300 Call Report?  Not only can it be very time consuming and exasperating but now your credit union could face hefty fines if not turned in on time. A January article posted by the Credit Union Times indicates just how serious these fines can be. More than 1,000… Read more »