Align the member experience to the member

Do you deliver an experience that your members want to be a part of? Do you delight them so much that they go home and brag to their friends and family about their experience with your credit union?

A large part of aligning the experience and delighting your members means to meet your members where they are. Your members are looking to interact via digital channels like websites and mobile apps. In fact, according to McKinsey & Company, 65% of members are interacting with their credit union through multiple digital channels.

That doesn’t mean they’re skipping out on the traditional physical channels. In fact, those who use mobile and computing channels more than once a week are 60% more likely to be active branch users. That means, while interested in new technologies, members still value face-to-face interactions. Sharetec can offer many ways for you to digitally reach your membership.

·         Internet Banking

·         Mobile Banking

·         eNotices

·         eAlerts

·         eDocuments

·         Text Banking

·         Online Member Enrollment

·         Online Payment Services

·         Remote Deposit

·         Remote Signatures

·         Credit Card Single Sign On

·         Online Lending Applications

At the heart of every great member experience is an interaction that’s easy to navigate and execute, for both the customer and your MSR. Let Sharetec help create that for you and your credit union.