Sharetec Delivers Paperless Statements Right to the Members’ Inbox



Deliver Paperless Statements Right to Members’ Inboxes

The quickest, most economical delivery for member statements is through Home Banking. Reduce mailing costs, eliminate manual efforts and deliver paperless statements directly to your member via email. Customize Sharetec’s electronic statements to include promotions and cross selling opportunities. Automatic E-Statements opt-in is also available.

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Deliver More Products and Services with Sharetec Metrics & Cross Selling


Would you like to drive more interest and sales of your product and service offerings? It could be as simple as prompting your member for their email address so they can take advantage of hearing about weather related late openings or your next member event. Or perhaps you have a really special loan promotion that is targeted for a select group of members? Sharetec Cross Selling is just one of many effective tools available to aide member satisfaction and grow your value proposition.

Sharetec provides your credit union with the tools that can help your credit union leverage its technology investment to amplify desired behavior and drive results. Combine Sharetec’s embedded Metrics along with Cross-Selling to promote your capabilites.

With the Sharetec Cross Selling feature turned on, credit union staff can be prompted to promote key products and services to members at chosen times when performing transactions or through member facing products such as Home and Mobile Banking. Sales scripts can also be created for staff to ensure consistency in the delivery of your promotions. Promotion attempts and results are then tracked providing management with follow up tools.

One of those tools, Contact Manager provides an efficient way for the credit union to record member requests for information into a shared database that can be accessible to all employees. Management can track the progress and response time for follow-up and employees can talk intelligently to members on call backs without asking the member to repeat themselves.

Technology should play a critical role in the success of your modern credit union and its ability to meet sales and growth objectives. For more information on how Sharetec’s Metrics, Cross Selling and Contact Manager features can help your credit union, contact us today at

Dashboards are Information Hubs for Credit Union Managment & Associates

Dashboards are Information Hubs 

Data from dashboards make up a major part of everyday life. These information hubs provide critical data about our lives. Most importantly, associates and management alike can use dashboards to get a feel for the pulse of their credit union. Learn more at:

About Sharetec
An industry leader in the development of credit union software, Sharetec was founded in 1994 by four regional partners: Bradford-Scott Data Corporation, Data Systems of Texas, GBS and Northern Data Systems. Research and development, sales, marketing and client support are provided by these partners’ dedicated Sharetec specialists within regional territories. In addition, Sharetec maintains a national software development center outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, where our highly trained software developers, quality assurance and documentation specialists support the partners and develop the Sharetec product. Sharetec is a leader in new system installations over the last ten years and one of the top selling credit union software packages in the United States; nearly 300 member credit unions from Maine to California use our products every day.

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More Mobile Banking Tools from Sharetec

The tools your members need to do business ANYWHERE!



Flex Pay is an internet bill pay solution that offers your members a variety of options based on their individual preferences. FlexPay also integrates with PicturePay (see below), allowing your members to easily maintain a digital record of their payment history.

A Pricing Model that Makes Sense: Flex Pay operates on a transaction-based pricing model – you are only charged when a member makes a payment.

Real-Time Transaction Posting: Unlike competitive products that post using batch files (many with delays of several days), Flex Pay’s real-time interface posts transactions automatically to Sharetec, greatly reducing the potential for fraud.

Seamless Integration: FlexPay seamlessly integrates with your online banking platform, matching the look and feel of your existing website. This gives customers better continuity with their online banking experience. FlexPay also makes automatic enrollment a viable option by eliminating the enrollment process

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PicturePay lets your members pay their bills by taking a picture of any bill with their smartphone. PicturePay further streamlines the payment process by completing data entry (payee and account information) for the user and eliminating the need for a keyboard.

Drives Bill Pay Adoption: PicturePay uses simple technology customers already know and trust.

Saves Members Money: PicturePay gives members the option to expedite payments for a small fee, eliminating more expensive late fees for customers and generating additional revenue for your Credit Union.

Leads to Higher Account Balances: PicturePay users also tend to have higher account balances than others. With a 99.4% read rate, PicturePay gives users a convenient and trustworthy option to pay their bills using only their smartphone. For example, members can even write a receipt on a napkin with an address, take a picture of it, and Picture Pay will send the payment.

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PortalPay allows your members to make loan payments from their internal or external accounts via your Credit Union’s website. PortalPay operates as a landing page within your website where members can enter contact information, share account information, and loan information.

This simple and convenient tool enhances customer experience, extends web reach, and supports increased customer acquisition by allowing loan payments from nonmembers and customers.

The purpose of PortalPay is to make the bill paying process more efficient and cost-effective for Credit Unions and easier and more convenient for their members.


Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture from Sharetec allows members to initiate mobile-baking sessions, key in deposit amounts and snap photos of both the front and back of checks with their smart phones or tablets. The Remote Deposit Capture tool then automatically formats and corrects the images, while confirming Check 21 and mobile image-quality standards, before transmission.

After checks are submitted via RDC, members receive alerts notifying them the transaction was successfully completed.

“Close to two-thirds (59%) of mobile banking customers are likely to adopt Remote Deposit Capture if offered by their financial institution.” – Mercatus Mobile RDC Adoption Research Study

Sharetec’s Remote Deposit Capture uses multiple layers of security and fraud prevention tools that allow the specific device, time and location to be identified. Both the Credit Union and the member have the peace of mind knowing that their deposit transaction is secure.


To learn more about any of these products, contact Sharetec today!

Cybersecurity Dangers and Credit Unions

Credit Unions and Cybersecurity Dangers

According to an article by Theresa Payton in Credit Union National Association (CUNA), credit union leaders should be cautious regarding cybersecurity dangers.

Take your digital security response planning to a whole new level. Ransomware is especially concerning today.

“This is like a hockey stick in my company right now,” Payton says. “We’ve helped customers recovery quickly because they had a plan in advance.”

She suggests practicing how to respond to a potential ransomware event, which often involves the loss of data.

“When you have a plan and practice it, the disaster will be a lot smaller and will be resolved faster,” Payton says. “It always takes 400% to 600% longer than anticipated to resolve these events because people don’t think through everything.”

Click here to read more on Cybersecurity and Credit Unions:

Is your Credit Union at Risk?

Is Your Credit Union at Risk?

“Internet of Things devices bring virtual ears and eyes into financial business settings, and areas where credit union employees and their customers, vendors and guests work, talk and interact,” Rebecca Herold, president of the Des Moines, Iowa-based SIMBUS and CEO of The Privacy Professor, added.

Herold warned there are growing threats IOT devices bring into credit union environments, such as:

  • Some smartphones “listen” using their microphones at all times – but what are they hearing? Video and photo apps can also capture images such as computer screens, white boards and printed documents on desks. Hacked devices can surveil and record information for extortion or something worse.
  • Wearables – such as fitness trackers and smartwatches – transmit information about activities, locations and dates, among other things.
  • Connected smart printers, copiers, fax machines and other office equipment can unintentionally create pathways between the internet and the credit union’s network.
  • Financial organization employees increasingly use digital assistants to help track activities and record meetings. This data, often kept in a cloud location indefinitely, sometimes becomes shared with unidentified third parties.

To read more on this article in the Credit Union Journal click on the link below.

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Sharetec Lending Services

  Lending Services

Sharetec Lending Services guides your loan officers through the loan process for faster and more accurate loan approvals. The flexible automated decisioning engine provides the direction your loan officers need to get loans approved and mandates adherence to credit union policies.

Our credit union Lending Services Include:

*Automated Lending
*Charge Offs
*Escrow Analysis
*Home Equity Processing
*Indirect Lending
*Mortgage Servicing
*Relationship Pricing

Contact Lori today 800-245-7504 for more infomation about our lending services.

Sharetec offers Member Facing Products

Looking for ways to attract and retain members?

Take a look at our Member-Facing Products

Sharetec Member-Facing Products

Give current and potential members the tools they want and need. Help them maximize their membership, master their finances, and manage their expenses. These tools improve member loyalty, increase loan performance, raise member savings rates, and encourage membership referrals.

Our Member-Facing Products Include:

Full-Featured Home & Mobile Banking – along with the premier online financial management software.
Online Member Enrollment & Loan Applications – members apply from the convenience of their home computer     or mobile device.
Allied PicturePay and Remote Deposit Capture – members pay bills and deposit checks using the mobile banking   app and camera on their mobile device
Allied Portal Pay, Allied FlexPay, and ProPay – members make loan and other bill payments by text, web portal or   mobile site.
eNotices – members have fast, easy online access to notices, letters and other account-related correspondence.

Contact Lori for more information about Sharetec and all of our products/services.

Guest Bloggers Wanted for May and June!

Guest Bloggers Needed for May and June!



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Lori Tuyo
Marketing Specialist

“Instant Debit Card Freeze” from Sharetec

Instant Debit Card Freeze allows your members to quickly and easily freeze all debit card activity due to loss, fraud, etc.

  • Freeze – and thaw – anywhere, at any time
  • Freeze using Home Banking or your mobile app
  • Easily remove the freezer if card is located using same simple process

Just tap the button and your debit card is INSTANTLY frozen!

For more information, contact us today.